Auckland Sport Sector: Facilities Priority Plan

As Auckland’s population grows and diversifies, we will need to maintain and improve our existing sport and recreation assets, and create new ones in areas where the city is expanding.

But in a world of scarce resources it is essential that we invest in the spaces and places where current and future need can be demonstrated, where the place of the facility in an overall network of provision is clear, where the linkage to broader plans for sports is established, and where future operating models are sustainable.

Investors, including Auckland Council on behalf of its ratepayers, want to be sure their money is being spent wisely – on projects that will genuinely enable greater numbers of Aucklanders to be physically active, in an easily-accessible network of fit-for purpose facilities

Over the past 24 months, and following a detailed consultation process, the sport and recreation sector itself has developed an important framework, the Auckland Sports Sector:Facilities Priority Plan.  Collectively, the sector identified the parameters that help sort evidence-based, workable and ready-to-go facility projects from those merely on a pie-in-the-sky future wish-list.

Read the Auckland Sports Sector: Facilities Priority Plan here

Aktive, on behalf of the sector, will bring together at regular intervals projects to be examined by an independent panel of experienced sports professionals, using the parameters clearly identified and agreed by the sector in the ASS:FPP.

In 2018, there is already one round of projects submitted for the views of the assessment panel, and a further round will be convened later this year, in November 2018.

The advice resulting will be available to sports and bodies working through their projects if further work is needed to more closely meet the parameters; and investors will have a further reassurance that good-quality work has been done to demonstrate a need, and to build a sound case for their funding.

Projects likely to be seeking Auckland Council and third party funding support are encouraged to use the ASS:FPP process, by completing the Project Synopsis, and submitting it to Aktive, who are administrators for the Assessment Panel and Process.  Projects can be submitted at any time, but the next round will have a closing date of 26th October 2018.

If you have any queries re the ASS:FPP, the plan, the parameters, or the process, please contact


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