Professional Development

A number of aquatically focussed organisations provide professional development opportunities and resources that compliment any aquatic activity. These organisations have opportunities available to schools and parents across the greater Auckland region. Click on the title to link to each organisation’s website.

Sealord Swim for Life

Sealord Swim for Life is an initiative that works with regional partners to get swimming and water safety lessons up and running. We also facilitate everything your school needs to get kids in the water.

Water Safe Auckland

Water Safe Auckland has a team of experienced, registered teachers who understand curricula demands and the teaching of aquatics to support and compliment GAAAP activity. Water Safe Auckland also provide a number of aquatic education resources. For more information click here to view their programme overview.

Swimming New Zealand

Swimming New Zealand provides training for those involved in learn to swim education. Our aim is to ensure swim teachers receive support and information and are recognised for the contribution they make in ensuring every New Zealander has the opportunity to learn to swim.

We have a team of regionally based staff who are available to meet the training needs for all people in the community involved in teaching learn to swim. This includes courses, workshops, qualifications and poolside assistance. We work with swimming club volunteers, professional swim teachers, parents, school teachers and other interested individuals giving them skills and knowledge to teach learn to swim to infants, children, adults and those with special needs (including people with disabilities and cultural/linguistic requirements). For more information click here to view their programme overview.

Surf Lifesaving Northern Region

Surf Lifesaving Northern Region provide a unique beach and surf education programmes at the beach or at your school. For more information click here to view their programme overview.


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