Coach Developer Training

Within our Auckland Regional Coach Developer Training programme you will work with our handpicked trainers to upskill and immerse yourself in the role of a coach developer while moving towards mastering the skills of facilitation. As a coach developer you will be equipped to go out and deliver inspiring development workshops and provide other support opportunities for coaches. After attending the training course you will be nationally recognised as someone who can create and lead quality coach development environments.


Start your journey here

Coach developers must apply to get on the programme by completing an expression of interest form. Key requirements for selection include being coach developer potential and showing commitment to self-development. All coach developers have to be endorsed by their Regional Sports Organisation (or equivalent) to be considered.


Join the conversation

Start thoughtful discussions with fellow coach developers, ask questions, share your coach development plans, post photos and work together to build a coach developer community that improves learning experiences for Auckland coaches. Click here


To find out about Coach Developer Training contact:

Simone Spencer
Coach Development Advisor
P: 027 220 0560


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