Coach Developers

Coach developers are the people who deliver coaching courses, facilitate learning, provide mentoring, complete coach observations and generally “coach the coaches”. Explore how to best connect with other coaches, cater for different personalities and let your leadership skills shine with our Auckland regional coach developer training programme. This will arm you with the tools you need to develop and support coaches – so they can provide fun, safe and quality experiences for their players, every time, everywhere.


Initial Training

Delivered over two days, take part in a mixture of workshops, discussions, practical sessions, individual and group feedback and opportunities for self-reflection. You’ll work with a group of handpicked trainers and will receive a special toolkit that contains useful tips and information on performing the coach developer role. By the end of the two days you will be well on the way to providing inspiring development workshops and will be equipped to provide other support opportunities for coaches you work with.


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Ongoing Training

Following the initial training course you will be invited to attend one-day extension modules and networking meetings for additional learning and skill development opportunities. At these events you can start thoughtful discussions with your fellow coach developers, ask questions and work together to build a community that improves learning experiences for Auckland coaches.

Extension workshops and networking meetings are held at various times throughout the year – keep your eyes peeled for further information.







For more information please contact:

Dan Keepa

Coach Development Advisor

Tel: 021 436 975


Simone Spencer

Women and Girls Manager

Tel: 027 220 0560



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