Coach Developers

Coach developers are the people who deliver coaching courses, facilitate learning, provide mentoring, complete coach observations and generally ‘coach the coaches’. Explore how to best connect with other coaches, cater for different personalities and let your leadership skills shine with our Auckland regional coach developer training programme. This will arm you with the tools you need to develop and support coaches – so they can provide fun, safe and quality experiences for their players, every time, everywhere.


Coach Developer Training

Learn how to develop, support and motivate aspiring club and school coaches with our Coach Developer Training course. Afterwards you’ll be nationally recognised as someone who can create and lead quality coach development environments. Find out more



View our library of useful resources to help coach developers maximise the quality of coach development opportunities. Click here


Extension Opportunities

Get in touch with your nearest Auckland coach developer for opportunities to network and learn. Click here

Interested in coaching the coaches?

Sport organisations are always on the lookout for suitably experienced people to become a coach developer. Not sure if the coach developer role is right for you? Find out more about what it takes to become a coach developer. Click here


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