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Current Projects

Auckland Cricket

Auckland Cricket identified there is a growing trend in New Zealand that is seeing a decline in traditional formats of the game at junior and secondary school level with fewer players playing on Saturday afternoons in regular competitions. Yet there is an increase in short form adult cricket numbers and school cricket programmes. A new modified version of the game needed to be developed, launched and promoted that engaged a wider group of youngsters with cricket. The game needed to be about encouraging participation and enjoyment of cricket and establishing an alternative pathway to traditional cricket.


Cricket Blitz was created with a view of becoming a regular school cricket competition for boys and girls from Year 5-13. The game is a modified version of cricket played midweek after school with 8 players who bat in pairs for 4 overs regardless of how many times they get out. Cricket Blitz is for the semi-competitive/social person who wants to have fun with their school mates in a safe environment. Games last no longer than 1 hour 45 minutes and all gear is provided.

In year 1 of the competition Auckland Cricket has over 120 new teams competing across the 6 different categories.



SNAG Golf is a modified version of golf that allows for a safe, enjoyable and energy packed session for a full class of children. The modified equipment along with the specific session design keeps all children engaged throughout the full session. Minimal instruction with maximum engagement, enjoyment, learning and success is the mantra of every SNAG session.

Seeking high quality school/golf club links, the “Let’s Play SNAG Golf” project are delivering 4 in-school sessions to schools surrounding 5 Auckland Golf Clubs. These sessions are followed by a SNAG festival day to be held at the schools local golf club for up to 150 students. To continue the connection between Club and School 6 after school sessions will be delivered at either the golf club or the school. Those sessions delivered at the school are run by a Golf Club representative who can then introduce the clubs specific junior programmes.

20 sets of golf clubs are donated to each Golf Club by New Zealand Golf when the Club complete the programme. The programme will engage at least 2500 children throughout the Auckland region and allow them to experience golf like never before.


College Futsal Programme

The New Zealand Football (NZF) College Futsal Programme has been aligned to meet all outcomes of the Sport NZ approved and award winning NZF Whole of Football Plan. The mission aim for the programme is to create a youth focused participant base of players, coaches, referees and officials across Auckland establishing community development links between colleges, primary/intermediate schools and regional football federations.


The programme focuses on three product based delivery areas to meet the needs of Kiwi Sports outcomes of more children involved, more opportunities, better skills.

Recreational: Through a range of products such as Give it a Goes, Intra School Leagues and Drop in Centres there is an easy access point to experience the enjoyment and convenience of playing futsal.
Education: Alignment of the futsal development pathway to NCEA Achievement Standards has provided a framework for student training to effectively organise, coach, officiate and play the sport. This holistic approach to whole game development enables trained college students to both deliver the Futsal in Primary/Intermediate School Programme and self organise recreational/participation programmes within their own environment.

Participation: The ultimate long term aim is to provide long term participation in all aspects of futsal. Participation products are focused on establishing weekly and tournament based inter school engagement opportunities. Students are encouraged to not just play with their peers but also coach, organise and officiate in the federation based futsal league environment at college and primary/intermediate level.


International Taekwon-Do

International Taekwon-Do is one of the recipients of Auckland Regional KiwiSport. Master McPhail, acting as the Counties Manukau Kiwisport Coordinator, has devised a programme aimed at introducing Taekwon-Do to kids in a fun way. This includes the active sport side, as well as the martial arts discipline and culture. A number of schools took up the programme at the beginning of the term, and the results are already beyond expectations. Over a thousand kids are taking part in term one, spread over eight schools. More are expected to sign up for the second term and with the success so far, we expect the scheme to grow and grow. 

Lianna McCartney, Instructor at Zeal Taekwon-Do Otahuhu, has been at one of the schools and kindly told us how things were going. The classes run for 45 minutes, giving a brief introduction to a lot of different aspects of Taekwon-Do. They have been learning some of the Korean terminology, and core values (or "Tenets") of Taekwon-Do. From there they work on technical skills, self-defence, and punching and kicking pads.

There has been a lot of interest from students and teachers who have been given a taste of Taekwon-Do, and want to find out more. For them, there are lots of local clubs to visit, try an introductory lesson, and join up.

For International Taekwon-Do and Sport New Zealand, this has been the perfect launch to a fun, interesting school sports programme. International Taekwon-Do aims to achieve the following objectives:

  • Provide a positive introduction to both the physical and mental aspects of the sport to school-aged children

  • Introduce children to the cultural and historical aspects of the sport

  • Teach children core values in a way that is fun and understandable

  • Teach children basic skills to “release” from a grab

  • Using Taekwon-Do as a method to improve children’s basic movement skill development

  • Teach safe and effective stretching techniques to improve flexibility

  • Create a fun experience of the sport while at the same time introducing martial art style discipline and training

  • Improve the children’s self esteem by positive encouragement and achievement

  • Enhancing a school-club link between the school and the local International Taekwon-Do club.

  • Provide coach development through younger Instructors gaining teaching experience under the guidance of more senior adult instructors.


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